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Ultimate Slime Party

Ultimate Slime Party

Slime has stretched its way into the spotlight! This is the most popular craft among kids of all ages. Dive into a squishy, gooey adventure as they whip up and pull apart their very own slime. This package is a one-way ticket to a world of fun, with a bottomless pit of toppings, charms, and scents waiting to jazz up their slimy masterpieces!

  • $475 for up to 17 children

  • Each additional child is $10

  • 1.5 hours

  • 1 Party Host

  • Each child makes a minimum of 2 slimes

  • A wide assortment of beads & charms

  • Scented slime

  • Rainbow slime

  • Fluffy slime

  • Glitter slime

  • Slime toys

  • Decorate take-home containers

  • Glitter tattoos

  • Setup and cleanup

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